Sims Freeplay Simulation Game

The Sims FreePlay: A Great Simulation Game To Download On Mobile Devices


Simulation games are always fun to play because it allows people to create the kind of life that they always dreamed of living. If you’re playing on a smartphone device, one of the best simulation games that you can download and play right now is The Sims FreePlay. It’s a fun game where you can customize your appearance, wear fashionable clothes, design an elegant home, and become popular among your peers.

It’s a great game where it will simulate life, allowing you to reflect the kind of life that you always wanted to live. It’s such a popular game that it has already accumulated more than 300 million downloads. The game is the mobile version of the popular PC game the Sims. But what other features does this mobile game has? Does it have things that differentiate it from the PC version? Let’s see.


Full Control over the Sim Character Created

One of the main features of The Sims FreePlay is that the game is giving you total control of your Sim character. From how your character would look, to the kind of life he or she would live. You have the freedom to customize your Sim’s appearance and fashion, making him or her the most handsome or beautiful Sim in the game. You can also choose to do the opposite and make him or her the worst-looking character in the game.

You also have full control over the kind of house you want your character to live in. You can turn it into a very elegant and properly functioning home, or a luxurious mansion and be the envy in your neighborhood. You can also live in a modest-looking house on the outside but very luxurious inside. You even have control over how you want your Sim character to live, the kind of friends he or she has, and even the personality. It’s a game where you can really live the kind of dream life that you always wanted.


A Life Simulation That Includes Drama

Another feature of The Sims FreePlay is that it will really simulate life experiences, including drama and problems that we will face in everyday life. You can experience being forced to do things you don’t like or dealing with people you hate. You might even get a career that started out great but ended up being something that you really loathe. The game will provide different experiences for your character, with some being good and others being bad.


Choose Your Career and Hobby

And just like in real life, you will have the freedom to choose the kind of career you want your Sim to have. Do you dream of being a policeman? You can do that here. How about a fireman? A politician? An actor? The game offers plenty of different career options for you to choose from, letting you experience the kind of job you always dreamed of.

But this game is not all work, as you can also choose an activity or hobby for your Sim to engage in outside of work. You can choose cooking, salsa dancing, training puppies, and many more. It’s important that you keep a good hobby and activity so your Sim will maintain a happy life.

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